The €AR₦ Way

What is €AR₦?

... Discounts, Lifestyle, Loyalty, Rewards

We have proven that Life is Elastic, the difference lies with lifestyle. €AR₦ is here to show the difference between existing and really living. Elastic Africa Retail Network (€AR₦) - a Discounts, Lifestyle, Loyalty and Rewards Buyers Club whose Membership ID Cards is value-adding attracting

rebates and bonuses each time it is used to pay for goods and services. As a referral system, €AR₦ provides bountiful privileges and rewards to its Members and Merchant Partners. Once registered, an automated membership certificate with UMIN is received in the applicant’s mail, followed

by full membership kit to include an €AR₦ Card. the Club. The UMIN qualifies a new Member for point accumulation and cash-back discounts on products and services at all accredited €AR₦ merchant outlets nationwide, as well as 20% bonus when referring a friend to

Start Selling Your products

Enjoy a pool of loyal customers across the nation by becoming a merchant today.
The moment your application is accepted, you'll be listed on our platform for members to be able to access you.

Our Amazing BENEFITS

Here are some of the benefits you'll get from EARN as a member or merchant.

20% Referal Bonus

Earn 20% referal commission from
every registration with your referral link.

EARN Visa/MasterCard

Multi-channel personlized
Member card from any of our partner banks.

Discounts @ Merchant Locations

Shop at EARN merchant locations
at discounted rates.

Carry One Single Loyalty Card

Carry only one loyalty card rather than
many cards.

Priority Access

Priority access at merchant locations


Enjoy free basic healthcare nationwide


We’ve got everyone covered! Kindly select the Club Category which best defines your style.

Benefits Star Dew Cruise
...higher upward more thirst! ...soaring the altitudes!
20% referral commission
€AR₦ Visa/Master Card
Discounts at Merchant Locations
Accumulate Points @ Merchant Locations
Carry One Single Loyalty Card
Track all Tractions on Your Card
Reduce Risk of Exposing Main Bank Accounts on Online Channels
Guaranteed Access to Quality Products & Services
Priority Access at Merchant Locations
Enjoy Free Basic Healthcare Nationwide
Be the First to Know About New Deals
Travel the world through €AR₦ Beyond Boundaries Bouquet -
National and International Networking opportunity
Enjoy Discounts When Paying School Fees -
Discounts on Air Tickets Fly on Special Days for Students’ Rates
Use Airport Lounges Irrespective of Ticket Class - -
Free Courier Service - -
Enjoy Vacation Bonanzas - -
Periodic Car Maintenance - -
₦4,999 ₦15,000 ₦30,000